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NORTHERN IRELAND: TRIMBLE WINS CRUCIAL VOTE:.||=================================================================================||||a)23.00 JOHN IRVINE||ITN||NORTHERN IRELAND: Belfast:||EXT||GV Group of Unionist protestors opposed to Good Friday agreement demonstrating against decision to return to power sharing executive ||||GV David Trimble MP (Ulster Unionist Leader) towards from meeting with others ||||MS Trimble towards into car ||||INT||GV Ulster Unionist delegates in meeting for vote on whether to return to a power sharing executive with Sinn Fein PAN||MS David Trimble MP towards past onto podium ||MS Trimble taking seat at podium ||SIDE MS Trimble taking seat at press conference with other Ulster Unionist officials||GV Press conference||David Trimble MP (Ulster Unionist Leader) press conference SOT|- Let there be absolutely no doubt that I and my colleagues will hold the Republicans to the promises they have made and if there's any foot dragging or delay then there will be difficulties ||MS Martin McGuinness MP (Sinn Fein) taking seat in press conference beside Bairbre de Bruin (Sinn Fein) ||Martin McGuinness MP (Sinn Fein) press conference SOT|- It is a good result - I would like to pay tribute to those delegates in the Ulster Unionist council who were prepared to be courageous ||SIDE MS Peter Mandelson MP (Northern Ireland Secretary) working at desk ||CS Peter Mandelson signing document allowing for transfer of power from Westminster to Belfast PULL OUT ||Peter Mandelson MP (Northern Ireland Secretary) press conference SOT|- This is a very good day for Northern Ireland and I would like to congratulate David Trimble on his victory for it is that victory which provides the breakthrough that people in all parts of the community in Northern Ireland have been waiting for ||EXT||i/c||||TX 27.5.2000/23.00||b)C4N: GARY GIBBON||ITN||NORTHERN IRELAND: Belfast:||INT||MS David Trimble MP (Ulster U...
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